Beren Quin Franklin

Artist and visual storyteller focusing mainly on game development and photography. Currently attending CSU Chico as a Computer Animation & Game Development major, and minoring in Photographic Studies.

The Half-Life and Half-Life 2 modding scene was my gateway to game development. Outside of university, most of what I know is self-taught. From 2014 to 2016, I worked on a Half-Life 2 mod called Raising the Bar. We ended up shelving the project, but I learned and grew a great deal along the way. I experimented with two Half-Life mod concepts in my time at community college but did not have enough time for them. I plan on getting back to them someday. I am currently working as a team lead on a deep sea horror mod for Half-Life, doing general purpose asset creation for Raising the Bar: Redux, and creating maps, models and textures for the Source Filmmaker series Reinstated. Most of my modding work is on this portfolio, but I am keeping some of my current work under wraps for now.

This is my cat. His name is Bear.

My hobbies outside of making games include playing them, messy ink art, making experimental music, photography, and spending time with my cat. I shoot film and develop it when I can, but I’ll use a digital camera if I have to. I see a lot of parallels between Photography and game design. They both utilize the same compositional elements for environmental storytelling. One medium lets you create environments, and the other one is about finding the ones that exist. Oh, and I play Dungeons & Dragons. I have over 100 items in my Steam library, and regularly go to itch.io to stock up on meditative, experimental, and generally weird games. I do enjoy roaming around in nature and reading, but I don’t give myself quite enough time for either. I re-watch Mulholland Drive every few months. Big fan of David Lynch.

Major Skills

  • Working in GoldSrc and Source game engines (8 years)
  • Working in Unity (1 year)
  • Level design
  • Adobe Photoshop (7 years)
  • Blender (3 years)
    • Modeling, texturing, UVs, rigging, animating, retopology, fixing stuff
  • Maya
    • Modeling, UVs
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Designer
  • Photography (analog & digital)
  • Drawing (traditional & digital)

Minor Skills

  • Sound design
  • Music
  • Substance Alchemist
  • Paper prototyping for game design
  • C# for Unity
  • C++


Academic Blog / Portfolio (portfolio for class work)