Various designs. Some of these are for maps and games, and some are for other kinds of projects. Many of them came from dreams. Some of this work I probably should not be sharing. Not because I think it’s bad, but because I think it’s really quite good and might not want people to see it until I do more with it. Oh, and apologies for the handwriting. Going to transcribe that into text at some point.


“The Void Gallery”

Untitled Rocket Ship Mod

surreal hiking mod

The Antlion King’s Chamber

This is a plan for a chapter in the mod Raising The Bar, based on concepts by Valve. The chapter takes place in a system of caves riddled with tunnels, and occupied by creatures called Antlions (link). At the start of the chapter, the player stumbles upon a massive beast, the Antlion King (link). He is currently asleep, and the player is unable to reach him. After traversing the map in relative peace and quiet, the player makes their way to Eli Maxwell’s lab (link, link). I never made overviews for the rest of the maps, but had a general plan. I started working on this shortly before the team decided to cancel the mod, so it didn’t get very far. The player would fight their way through antlions in the caves, occasionally hearing distant moans from the king. They make their way back to the first chamber, but find that the king is now awake and angered by the player’s recent slaughter. He chases the player around the map, opening up a new path that wasn’t accessible before.